Magick Card of the Month: Tree Pose


Tree Pose embodies strength and stability. It represents the Earth element, and its sacred geometric symbol is the circle.

Anatomy of the Pose: When we stand in tree pose, our gaze is forward with one foot rooted into the earth keeping us grounded. The opposite foot comes to our ankle, shin or thigh (never the knee) to stabilize and anchor our roots. Our hands are in prayer in front of the chest, up over our head, or up and out as if we were a glorious tree in full bloom.

Chakras Most Affected: It’s no surprise that Tree Pose is excellent for Muladhara, the Root Chakra. When Muladhara is balanced we feel secure and even safe. The root chakra symbolizes basic needs for survival, home life, family and friends. Practice Tree Pose when you need to feel grounded and more balanced. It’s especially helpful as a means of centering yourself when coming against financial strains, large family events, troubles at home or with love, and anxiety brought on by PTSD.

Benefits for Children: A child will of course get all the benefits above, but they may describe it very simply as feeling strong. It can be a challenge to find your balance in this pose, when a child does, even for a moment, there is a feeling of confidence. Explaining that the foot is the roots and to keep the gaze forward on something still are also great ways to encourage coordination, especially in younger children still getting used to basic motor skills.

How do you feel in Tree Pose?

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