Magick Card of the Month: Giraffe Pose


Giraffe Pose represents vision and growth. Its element is air, which exemplifies creativity and emotion.

Anatomy of the Pose: Giraffe pose begins on tippy-toes, torso is long and we drop the tailbone. Arms come up over head, palms together or make little mouths out of your hands representing a giraffe. Gaze is forward. Once your child is in the pose, go ahead and come to tree pose and let them eat leaves off your branches.

Chakras Most Affected: In giraffe our toes are rooted into the ground, similar to tree pose, this begins to open and balance the root chakra.

Benefits for Children: This pose allows children to stretch the toes and lengthen the spine and torso. The physical act of growing tall is a great confidence boost. Letting them walk around like giraffes and eat off trees is a fun way to get them to hold the pose for a longer period of time.


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