11 Superstitions About the Moon


For centuries, the moon has represented everything that is mysterious and magical. It controls our tides, lights our night skies and acts as Earth’s largest natural satellite. In pop culture, the moon is a powerful force that transforms beings, heightens psychic awareness and even aids in magical endeavors. Throughout history, in many different cultures, the moon in all its different phases and faces is symbolic.

Our ancestors planned weddings, fertility, and even the house cleaning around some of their superstitions. Today, we laugh at their naivety, but still wonder if there had been, or still is something to it.

Here are some of the common and forgotten beliefs surrounding the moon:

1. Gazing too long at the full moon will bring out one’s inner lunatic.

2. The waxing of a new moon is the best time for sowing seeds, weddings, childbirth, new projects and travel.

3. It is bad luck to see the new moon, for the first time of the night, through glass or tree branches.

4. Pointing at the new moon is a bad omen as it offends the man in the moon.

5. A halo around the moon means rain is coming.

6. The 10 days after the new moon are considered the most significant in a lunar cycle:

  • Day 1: A good time for births and starting new projects. A bad time for anyone who falls ill.
  • Day 2: Best day for business matters, traveling by sea and sowing seeds.
  • Day 3: An unlucky day, best to lay low and not start any new projects.
  • Day 4: Best for construction and the birth of politicians.
  • Day 5: Ideal for conception and a good indicator of the weather for the rest of the month.
  • Day 6: Good day for hunting and fishing.
  • Day 7: Favorable day for new lovers to meet.
  • Day 8: Worst day to fall ill, as it may prove fatal.
  • Day 9: The day to avoid being ‘moonstruck’ on the face, as it may lead to insanity.
  • Day 10: A day for the birth of restless souls.

Check the farmer’s almanac to see where we are right now.

7. Bowing to the new moon and turning over any silver coins found in the pocket will bring twice the money by the end of the next cycle.

8. Women are more fertile and more likely to go into labor during the full moon.

9. Those looking for love will see their future partner in a dream if they greet the first new moon of the year by saying:

“All hail to thee, moon, all hail to thee, I prithee kind moon, reveal to me, him/her who is my life partner to be.”

10. A waning moon is a bad time for births and weddings, but a good time for cutting hair, fingernails, trees, as everything cut at this time will grow again.

11. The worst period is between cycles, when there is no moon. Children born at this time will come to be nothing, as an old English proverb promises – ‘No moon, no man.’







Image 1, Image 2

Dictionary of Superstitions by David Pickering


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