Magick Card of the Month: Warrior Pose


Warrior Pose represents strength, and helps prepare us for difficult tasks and powering through obstacles. Its element is fire.

Anatomy of the Pose: There are three Warrior poses, this card depicts Warrior II. Begin by taking a wide stance. Feet are rooted into the ground with right toes facing the right and back heel down with toes slightly turned in. The torso is still facing forward. Arms come out, parallel to the floor, and gaze is over the right fingertips. Bend into that right knee. If the knee comes past the toes, take a wider stance. Keep a nice straight, lengthened torso, while extending through the arms as if someone is in front of and behind you pulling your hands toward either direction aways from the body. Do this on both sides.

Chakras Most Affected: Warrior pose is a wonderful pose for balancingĀ our third chakra, Manipura. This chakra is located above the naval at the solar plexus and symbolizes that fire in our belly that pushes us to take action. Practicing warrior evokes confidence and transformation. This may also be beneficial when having a hard time adapting to change.

Benefits for Children: Like a warrior, this poseĀ is going to help a child feel powerful. Keeping that nice strong core is an important part of this pose so it can also help with posture. The child does not have to do this perfectly, they’ll get the most benefit out of remembering to keep the torso forward and straight up and down.


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