Consumed by What we Consume: Should you try a Detox Diet?

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Detox diets are are incredibly popular right now, but is it just a trend? Or is it something that’s going to stick around because it really is all it’s cracked up to be? We may never all agree on whether or not a detox does what it says, but let’s look at what we do know and take it from there.

What is a Detox Diet?

The whole idea is to eliminate toxins from the body. Originally, this was done with a fast of some sort followed by a clean diet of whole fruits and vegetables. However, we have discovered that fasting can be dangerous for some, so many have opted for a clean diet along with probiotics as their detox.

Toxins built up in the body can cause bloating, weakness, weight gain, and even illness over time, so it’s no surprise that the idea is so popular.

Why isn’t everyone doing this?

Currently, there’s no scientific evidence that detox diets really do eliminate toxins from the body. However, we do know that many of the things available to us, food-wise, are full of sodium, hydrogenated oils, and saturated fats – so keeping these out of the body does seem to make more sense than putting them into the body.

Are we on the right bandwagon? Or are we still missing what’s really going on?

If you take a look at the last decade, we have been consumed by what we consume. If we bloat, we immediately blame gluten; if we have inflammation, we try to lower our sodium. Rather than defining ourselves as gluten intolerant, or allergic to this and that, we need to experiment and find what works for our bodies and what doesn’t.

There are so many conflicting stories and studies out there, you really have to take this on for yourself and not believe the hype. This may be the one true, for sure benefit of a detox diet: it is┬áthe lesser of two evils. Not consuming processed foods is better than consuming them. Detoxing also helps you restart. Just like alcohol detox, the idea is to break the addiction or the habit as much as possible, reset the mind and move forward on a healthier foot. You don’t have to fast, but if you want to try fasting, talk to your doctor before beginning.

The truth is, a lot of the foods we buy, we weren’t there to see them prepared. We have no idea what’s really in what and how much, and we’re a nation of overeaters so whenever we look at everything being drilled into our brains about food we get mad because now we feel like there’s nothing left to eat. The problem is that we’re addicted to food and the amount we want is not always the amount we need. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat delicious, beautifully prepared food – it does mean if you want the best of both worlds you’re going to have to work for it. Try to buy local as much as possible, stay away from processed foods, and listen to your body. Yes, your addicted body/mind may be saying I want mac n’ cheese, but it’s how your body feels and looks after the mac n’ cheese that speaks the truth.


One thought on “Consumed by What we Consume: Should you try a Detox Diet?

  1. My opinion is that detox diets themselves are kind of unnecessary. Detoxing is what the body does naturally – as long as you eat healthy and avoid drugs and alcohol, your body will do what it’s so inclined to: get rid of any toxins!


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