Magick Card of the Month: Dolphin Pose


Dolphin Pose represents kindness and giving. This card reminds us to think of others and make all of our decisions with kindness and good intentions. Its element is water, which can signify imagination and going with the flow.

Anatomy of the Pose: Begin in tabletop on all fours. Knees are on the mat, hip width apart. Fingers are spread, shoulders over wrists. From here, come to your forearms, then straighten the legs as if you’re coming to downward dog, so hips come towards the ceiling. Palms can stay flat or you can interlace the fingers. Stay here, or begin to walk the feet towards the elbows.

Chakras Most Affected: Dolphin pose is extremely beneficial for the crown chakra. It’s also great practice before coming to a full forearm stand. The pose helps to release anger, stress and tension.

Benefits for Children: This inversion helps allow blood to come back to the brain. When the child is angry or needs to come back to center, this pose will calm them down. When they’re in the pose, have them relax the shoulders, when we do this it’s as if we’re letting all the tension held in the upper back fall out through the crown of the head and back into the Earth.

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