Mini Me Yoga for Nannies and Babysitters

mini me yoga

As a former nanny, I remember trying to come up with activities that would not only be fun for the kids, but would also be beneficial or healthy in some way. Being a yoga teacher made this a lot easier.

First of all, I used and the fact that kids yoga was on my profile was a huge draw. I would get messages about it all the time, and I believe it set me apart from the competition. Mini Me Yoga came into my life not long after I accepted an offer, and it fit in perfectly with the training I already had, as well as what I wanted down the line.

Let me be clear, you do not have to have your 200-Hour Teacher Training to become a Workshop Instructor with Mini Me Yoga, you don’t even have to be an experienced yogi. The point is to introduce mindfulness to the little ones, and help them keep that magical enthusiasm throughout their lives. You may find it to be pretty life changing for you too.

So how does this work for nannies and babysitters?

If you have Mini Me Yoga in your area, I would go to a Mindfulness Workshop for Parents and Teachers to start. This just lets you see how it works. It’s only two hours and you will spend most of it laughing and awww-ing.

If you don’t have it in your area yet, you get to be the one to start it (which is pretty awesome). In this case, I would search Mini Me Yoga on Facebook, and check out what people are doing in different areas. Our U.S. Headquarters is in Louisville so that is the one I linked above.

The next step is to become a Workshop Instructor. Why go the full route and get your certification? Because it’s easy and you will make money doing workshops with parents, teachers and other nannies/babysitters. So say you charge $35 for a workshop and 10 people show up, you just made $350 in two hours. You will also have Ambassador status and receive 60 sets of our Magick Cards (the kids love these).

The training is over four online sessions with founder Kate Bartram-Brown. You can contact the U.S. owner Bridget Dewson directly if you want to take the next steps:

Namaste to my fellow nannies and babysitters. I’m so excited that I get to share this with you and that WE get to share Mini Me Yoga with the world… or at least the world right outside our front door. One step at a time.




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