Magick Card of the Month: Lion Pose


Lion Pose is great for letting go of our frustrations and insecurities. Its element is water which is free-flowing, strong and mystical.

Anatomy of the Pose: Stand with feet apart, bending at the knees slightly, or kneel. Bring hands up with palms facing forward and fingers spread. Take a deep inhale. Open the mouth, stick out the tongue and exhale completely while making an “ahh” sound.

Chakras Most Affected: Lion pose is great for the throat chakra. It opens the throat and is the only yoga pose where we make sound. When the throat chakra is open it helps us to see and express our true selves.

Benefits for Children: Lion pose can be uncomfortable for adults and children at first. It can make you feel a bit exposed because it’s not a common action. When we do finally allow ourselves to let go, wild like the lion, there is an immediate sense of freedom and authenticity. This carries over into other areas, such as: stepping outside our comfort zone and saying what we mean rather that what others want to hear. When children experience this early it helps them to feel more confident in uncomfortable situations.


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