Magick Card of the Month: Snake Pose

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Snake Pose, similar to cobra, is a whimsical pose that encourages relaxation and day dreaming. Its element is Earth, which helps to keep us grounded.

Anatomy of the Pose: Come to the belly, on your forearms. Let the third eye rest on the floor. Inhale to lift the head and chest, exhale to come back down. For fun: do a snake hiss when the head comes up.

Chakras Most Affected: Snake pose is wonderful for Anahata, the heart chakra. It opens the chest and helps to stretch the lungs and abdomen.

Benefits for Children: Snake is a fun pose for kids. It sparks the imagination and lets them role play. It also allows them to open the chest, which we don’t often get to do naturally.

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Magick Card of the Month: Sun Pose


Sun Pose helps us to recall that childlike enthusiasm we often forget. It allows your child to feel creative and get energized.

Anatomy of the Pose: Start in standing position, spread the legs as far as is comfortable, and spread the arms out overhead. Then ask a very simple question in a magical voice: “Did you know that the sun is a star?” Once you see those little eyes light up, ask if there are any songs they know about a star? The most popular is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Sing along with them as you sway back and forth. Singing the song out loud helps to build confidence and they’ll naturally hold the pose longer.

Chakras Most Affected: The third chakra, located at the solar plexus is most affected by this pose. When this chakra is open we find ourselves more self-aware and strong in who we are.

Benefits for Children: There are so many elements of this pose that are wonderful. The arms out and up with the chest open is an immediate mood booster; it tells the body you’re happy, healthy, free and totally comfortable. Kids also get to come up with a song, and sing and dance. The pose is not too structured, it’s simple and fun.


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