Magick Card of the Month: Dog Pose


Dog Pose is great for strength, gauging the body, and also an easy inversion for kids. Like the dog or puppy, this pose activates so many areas and is a great way to calm anxiety and create endorphins.

Anatomy of the Pose: From tabletop, take the hands about an inch in front of you. On an inhale, straighten the legs to lift the sits bones. Feet are hip-width apart, fingers are spread with middle fingers facing forward. To make this more fun for the kids, ask them what sound a dog makes. Begin to do little hops propelling your tailbone into the air while barking. This makes the pose even more active and a lot of fun.

Chakras Most Affected: Dog pose balances the root chakra. Hands and feet are planted firmly into the mat connecting us to the earth.

Benefits for Children: This pose is very helpful for gauging the areas that are hold a lot of tension, kids don’t hold a lot of tension but take time at the beginning of this pose to ask them how different areas of the body feel: feet, legs, hands, arms, etc.

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