Magick Card of the Month: Eagle Pose

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Eagle Pose, also known as Garudasana, represents the “king of the birds”. Its element is air, which is creative, constant and playful. This pose interlaces the limbs and challenges our balance and posture.

Anatomy of the Pose: Beginning in Tadasana, bring the hands to the hips to maintain balance and keep the torso aligned. Slightly bend at the knees. Keeping the right foot planted firmly into the mat, lift the left leg and cross it over the right and wrap the foot around the calf as the toes reach towards the floor. Find your balance. Now, bring the left arm up, bent at the elbow as the right arm comes under the left and wraps around as you try to get the hands to meet in prayer position. Make sure the torso is still in a straight line, you may lean forward slightly so keep pulling your shoulders towards whatever is behind you. Pull the elbows down as if they were trying to separate from the wrists. To come out, unwrap the legs first and then the arms. When you switch sides, raise the elbows, rather than pulling them away from the wrists, as if you were trying to straighten your arms.

Chakras Most Affected: Eagle pose helps to open and balance our seventh chakra, Sahasrara. This chakra is located at the crown of the head and connects us to the divine.

Benefits for Children: Garudasana is a lot of fun for kids, they get to twist their bodies and work on balance. Helping them find stillness in the pose will be very beneficial. Try lightly supporting their shoulders so they know how the pose is supposed to feel once balance is achieved.

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