Magick Card of the Month: Mountain Pose


Mountain Pose is great for stopping and taking stock of where you are; reminding yourself to come back to the present. The mountain is still but full of life. Appreciate the breath here and rediscover your center.

Anatomy of the Pose: Come to standing, with big toes touching and feet rooted firmly into the ground. Center the pelvic bowl, not letting it tip forward or back. Gaze is forward. Remember to relax the shoulders and soften the face. Bring prayer hands to heart center and breathe here.

Chakras Most Affected: Mountain pose is excellent for the root chakra. It keeps us grounded and helps us to focus our breathing.

Benefits for Children: Stillness is not the easiest for children; they’re little balls of energy pretty much all the time. Mountain allows them to be quiet and still, and it is also wonderful for posture. When you need to help them calm down and breathe, have them come to mountain so they can bring their minds back to a more balanced state.

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Magick Card of the Month: Tickle Toes

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Tickle Toes is a very energizing pose that allows you to let loose and be silly. Its element is fire which promotes movement and action.

Anatomy of the Pose: Begin in mountain pose. Bring the arms up over head, reaching the fingers towards the ceiling. Inhale to lengthen, exhale to bend at the waist bringing the fingers to the toes. Have the kids tickle their toes while saying “tickle, tickle, tickle.” Saying the words in a fun, magical voice helps them to more easily remember the pose.

Chakras Most Affected: This pose is similar to forward fold which is a great way to activate the root chakra.

Benefits for Children: This pose is a great way to boost energy and de-stress. You can even adjust the pose to be more relaxing and just having the kids hang in a forward fold, letting all the tension fall out of the upper back, neck and shoulders.

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Open House at Local Yoga Studio to Introduce Mini Me Yoga Program

On November 8, 2015 Eternal Health Yoga will open its doors to our international kids yoga program. The new addition is ideal for families, teachers and caregivers, as it educates them on how to introduce yoga to children.

Mini Me Yoga is offered in several different countries, however, Eternal Health Yoga will be the first studio in Louisville to add the program to its regular schedule, offering: 2-hr Mindfulness & Yoga Workshops for parents and teachers, as well as yoga classes for kids. Owner of Mini Me Yoga U.S., Bridget Dewson, has decided to make the program neighborhood exclusive in Louisville, meaning only one studio per neighborhood can offer the workshops and classes on a consistent basis. Eternal Heath Yoga will act as the exclusive studio for the Crescent Hill neighborhood.

“We are so excited to be the first yoga studio in Louisville to offer regular Mini Me Yoga classes,” says Shelli Carpenter, Owner of Eternal Health Yoga. “This Program brings the joyful aspects of yoga to children by encouraging positive thinking and awareness through fun classes designed specifically for them. Like Eternal Health Yoga, Mini Me teaches yoga as a peace-centered, joyful way of living.”

About Mini Me Yoga:

Mini Me Yoga provides positive thinking products and programs for children and families across the globe. The program was founded in 2009 by UK native, Kate Bartram-Brown as a way to offer children an early introduction to yoga; helping them to be more aware of their bodies and to better deal with stress. To help support their mission to bring joy into the lives of children, they created the 2-hour Mindfulness & Yoga Workshop for parents, teachers and caregivers. This gives participants the tools to introduce yoga to their students and children on a level that is easy to learn and teach.

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