The Magick

Our products are designed to maximize the way positive energy (created by positive thinking and yoga) is harnessed so that you get the most benefit. We combine four key theories/methods: HADO water science, Kids Yoga, Positive Thinking, Meditation and Sacred Geometry.

What happens to water when it picks up our energy?
What happens to water when it picks up our energy?

HADO has been studied in Japan for thousands of years and more recently, Japanese scientist Dr Masuro Emoto brought the findings to the Western world. His research shows that positive words (vibrations) can alter and change the molecular structure of water so that it becomes positive, raising the frequency or vibration of the water. His experiments involved photographing water molecules with high resolution microscope before and after positive and negative words were spoken to the molecules. The results were amazing.

So what does this mean and how does it relate to Mini Me Yoga products?

Firstly, the Mini Me Yoga Magick Water Bottle is designed to make it fun for children to harness this method of turning water molecules into positive energy.

Humans are over 70% water, and our brain is over 90% water. So what happens when we use positive words around our body? The water molecules in our body react to the positive words and create a positive structure. Positive = Happy. Happy = Healthy.


Yoga is founded on the ethos of nonviolence and love. The poses and breathing techniques are designed to bring oxygen into the organs and expel toxins. Thats why we love to do kids yoga!

The Mini Me Magick Yoga Cards feature not only the yoga pose, but also the energy associated with that pose and suggested activities children can do to harness that energy throughout the day.

Each card also has an affirmation, which children are encouraged to say out loud, “I am Strong”, “I am Love” and so on. This introduces the concept of Positive Thinking, the power of your thoughts and taking control of your own energy. Children start to understand how to use words to make the world a happier place, and they also begin to understand the opposite- that negative words hurt.

The Mini Me Magick Gift Cards take this one step further by teaching children that they have the power to use their energy to make a difference with others.


Meditation and mindfulness are tools to help children slow down and become aware of their own thoughts. This increases their awareness and will help them expand their ability to master their own emotions and stay balanced and focused throughout the day.
The Magick T-Shirt combines the power of Meditation with Positive Thinking and HADO, allowing children to create their own positive energy source.


Sacred Geometry has been used for centuries to design the structure of objects such that they vibrate at the highest possible level (high vibrations = positive energy). Ever notice how some places have a good feel to them, for example a favorite coffee shop? It may sell the same coffee as the place down the road but it just ‘feels better’.

Mini Me Yoga products have all been created using sacred geometric shapes (you’ll notice a circle, triangle and square on everything) so that you harness all the positive energy that you’re creating with your thoughts. All the above are under the umbrella of kids yoga!


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