#WhyKidsYoga Campaign

Why Kids Yoga

We are running a #WhyKidsYoga campaign giving you the opportunity to get 25% off our 2-hour Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop!

We will be offering the workshop online for those of you who would like to participate but do not yet have Mini Me Yoga in your area. With the workshop you get a set of Magick Yoga Cards (14 fun poses), learn how to do our 15 Minute kids yoga program and become certified to lead the program in your school or community. Also, if you’re interested in becoming a Workshop Instructor or Ambassador for Mini Me Yoga, you will need to have the workshop under your belt.

This is all you have to do to immediately get your 25% off:

1. Like and/or follow us on Facebook

2. Post or tweet why you think kids yoga is important with #WhyKidsYoga

Once you’ve completed these two simple steps, you will receive a link via Facebook or Twitter to sign up for the workshop with the discount.

Help support kids yoga and be sure to share this opportunity with friends, family and teachers!